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The rater will earn 100 points for each rating of a page, or URL, 1 point for each character (including spaces between words) in the optional comment, associated with the URL, and 10 points for each rating of a comment, associated with the URL and the username of the rater who’s comment is being rated. The points will be added to each rater’s database (username association) for long term storage and a current month table, where the rater will be auto-responded each day 5 days before the first of a new month that they must cash in on the rater credits for higher sponsor rankings, or lose credit by the first of the month. The auto-responses will cease before the end of the 5 days if they upload a sponsor/website account.

For each rater’s rating of each URL (page), the difference between the average rating of the page and the actual rater’s score, averaged out for all the ratings, divided by the number of scores or votes, divided by 100, will be subtracted from the total percentage of the rater’s score for the month, which is the percentage of the rater with the highest number of points. This will give the raters a reason to read and analyze content well, knowing if they deviate much from the average of the general population, they are not analyzing content well enough, or might be too lenient or too cynical. This will also discourage robots. The ratings are private and not known to other raters. The average rater score will also be adjusted, with a scalar or weighted average that may change, with the average rating they are given when they comment on a pages, with the number of votes adjusting the score based on the “exponential decay” factor (see How it Works). The person with the highest score (100%) gets up to a #1 ranking on the ad of their choice, with the top 100 keywords they submit (in order of, for a person with 10% of the highest score, tenth place on the same 100 keywords (#2 of second page, as there are 8 sponsored ads per page, and so on). Raters must submit a different registration form than other sponsors to confirm their identity as raters and limit the keywords to 100 total, versus 10,000, and will be prompted to do so before the end of the fist complete month of ratings.

You can elect to receive prizes/lottery money instead of sponsor credits, say, if you have no website. The sponsors who offer prizes that cater to your interests will get free advertising to all opt-in e-mail subscribers as incentive. If there are enough prizes offered by CPA sponsors to behoove all eligible winners, with the more expensive prizes going to the higher rater scores first and based on interests or niche, potentially all raters can be rewarded.

Sign-up and work hard to search, rate, and comment on all pertinent Web pages for any of your interests, in any of the three search engines of your choice. Engage in social media with other raters in the forum, where there will be social media advertising credits you can earn there as well.

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