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100% cost per action free advertising, nowhere else but here with the greatest revolution ever. Don’t “sell your soul to the devil” with paid advertising.

The big money advertisers, like Google, Facebook, newspapers, major TV and radio networks, who all do cost per click (CPC), but in most cases, cost per thousand impressions (CPM) advertising, can only do well when people lose money. Branded big business buy at major discounts that give advertising firms little, if any, profit. Small players, historically, could not survive against big money advertisers, even with CPA advertising, as small profit margins, even with no risk, means they cannot compete against the big profit firms that undermine cost per unit when bough in bulk, not just advertising, but wholesale goods and people working for 30 cents an hour in Vietnam. And Google, Facebook, and others benefit from the many (possibly 99%) who want to be self-employed and lose money on CPC/CPM advertising. We are those people and all too common – hate working for others, hate driving in rush hour traffic, you can’t get rich working for evil tyrants or anybody, but lose money every time as start-up entrepreneurs, with very few exceptions since the Fall of 2000 and the Internet implosion. Big government, high misery index, and insatiable greed, sub-prime loan scandals, the derivatives never went away with new conspiracies from the wealthy and the bankers to once again try to gut the world economy – the scams are out of control.

If your landing page has a URL with a Raterank of 1 or higher, and if associated with an ad as an affiliate URL, we make money by earning commission. If you don’t make money, MRS does not make money. Here all that is needed is the purchase of, for $97/month, or pay one time, only $19.95, and we will place the first affiliate URL/ad for you, give you the ability to add as many ads/affiliate-URL’s as you please. You will be redirected to a dashboard to submit first ad, and after review, you will be on the search engine with the keywords of your choice, and will be e-mailed your username/password for merchant dashboard access. Create a new account for each URL, log-in and submit each new ad and editing keyword list as you please.

Rank under the keywords of your choice (see for keyword combination tool), good for combining all possible combinations of nouns and adjectives for what you do, as well as a second “merger” of two columns with geographic terms like cities near you for a local business, or all major cities, counties, etc., worldwide for an International business – up to 10,000 keywords allowed per ad.

The ranking of your ad is at first first-come-first-serve, then will vary according to performance. The total amount earned, adjusted monthly (MRS must be compensated by 12 noon PST the 15th of the following month, or you will have to wait one month for higher rankings) means that any literal or partial match ranking when keywords are looked up uses the amount earned by MRS the previous month to rank you, and will vary according to monthly performance. You can pay any amount commission you want (percentage, fixed amount, pay-per-click based only on mandatory sales, to be evenly distributed to different affiliates). Higher commissions (such as a percentage) means higher affiliate earnings for MRS and higher rankings for you. Encourage your visitors to sign-up at your affiliate page for up to a 99-tier affiliate pyramid, and as they promote you here or elsewhere, MRS, by being the highest affiliate, makes you rank that much higher on competitive keywords.

While free CPM advertising may mean less incentive to try to target niche customers, it is a waste of time to try to target keywords not related to your website, as performance correlates to the keywords and click-throughs we track with sub-campaign code added on to the query string of the affiliate redirect URL for the keywords you were looked up under, and credit only is applied to the keywords that generate the sale – we will provide a dashboard where you will be shown the results, and you can optimize your list for the highest performing keywords, and replace the non-performers with new ones, Non-pertinent keywords decrease the likelihood you will rank high, so there is a penalty for non-pertinence, even if your website receives more traffic.

There will be eight sponsor ads per page, three on top, two in the middle, and three at the bottom.

The sponsors may pay by PayPal for now. Soon we will honor Stripe and Coinbase.

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